Sell Home for Cash Today

8 Day Home Sale sell homes for cash today in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC for cash. We buys homes "as is" for cash. This means you don't have to deal with realtors or repairs.

No Realtor Needed

No Repairs Needed

Sold in 8 Days or Less

Contact Us Today to sell your home for cash today. We will have a home offer for you in 30 minutes or less.

SPECIAL OFFER: All moving expenses covered when you sell your home for cash today to 8 Day Home Sale.

Why Sell Your Home for Cash Today?

8 Day Home Sale values full transparency and honest transactions in all home sales. There are many shady property investors who take advantage of home owners. 8 Day Home Sale is NOT one of them.

Before explaining why you should sell your home for cash, let's explain what a cash sale means. Selling your home for cash means selling off-market (MLS) directly to a home buyer or investor. 8 Day Home Sale is a property investment company that buys homes directly.

Now that we've explained what a "selling your home today for cash means", why should you do it?

  • Selling your home directly to a buyer means no realtors are involved. Realtors charge expensive commissions and take months to sell homes.
  • Selling your home directly to an investor usually means no loans are required. This makes it so you can sell your home for cash today.
  • 8 Day Home Sale, a home buyer, does not require repairs be made pre-sale. This saves you headaches and time for us to sell your home for cash today.